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As mentioned in articles 2 and 3 of our statute, the principles of the organization are charity, solidarity and sensibility towards the needs of others before our owns … and the organization reaches the aim of social solidarity…

It is our wish:

To promote the culture of peace and solidarity through the coordinating activities of the volunteers present locally;

To realize international solidarity projects through medical humanitarian assistance;

To realize projects that offer education and scholarship to those who are more needy;

To cooperate locally to develop tools to promote people’s dignity.


Our projects are ‘simple’ but concrete: the plan is to make ‘pole pole’ (slowly) small but important steps in the places we know, behaving with respect to local traditions and cultures, removing all types of colonialism, including the cultural one, valorizing and preserving the richness of their values by working hard enough and doing all the necessary to realize them, counting on the local human resources as well.


We have achieved



Chokocho is a small fisherman’s village of about 3000 people situated in the southern part of the island. Most of the population live in mud huts, made without any adequate access to safe sanitation and services, coupled with poor hygiene practices, which are often destroyed during the rainy seasons.

On the island there is only a small private hospital and two non-specialist doctors, therefore, after our first experiences on the site, we realized how necessary was a dispensary that could provide the most basic primary healthcare services to communities and could work as a clinic that supplies free medicines. In the future, it will be used as well as a laboratory to arrange a team of professional sanitary figures.

The enthusiasm of the local people allowed the mayor of the village to donate 4000 mq of plot of land on which the construction of a multipurpose facility is nearing completion.



Another important goal close to our hearts is the school project, as it is the poorest service in the village, a deficiency caused by the invisible and unproductive government.

There are not any school benches, books, exercise books, and it is necessary to paint the walls of the classrooms. Keeping what Luca has already done in this regard, we have set up a cash fund to be used exclusively for the needs of the School and students. Moreover, to aggregate children and young people who have no other activities to perform after school, in addition to the soccer team in the multipurpose facility, after-school and entertainment courses will be held with cinema hall and library.

For the same purpose, Maria Giovanna in collaboration with local artist will inaugurate a music school where will be mainly taught to play guitar. A hope for the future is that the school will be supplied by other types of musical instruments.


The microcredit

n addition to the Dispensary which can be used by the whole island, we want to increase micro-credit projects involving also the nearby island of Panza, to start breeding domestic animals or crops, with the creation of vegetable gardens to be given in foster care.

island of Pemba
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