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December 2019

Christmas Greetings at the Sunny Room Cafè in Afragola

What a better location to exchange Christmas greetings with delicious snacks and good drinks, thanks to our friend Antonio Abbate Bartender in this lounge bar. What a better opportunity to get together, plan Yetu's future and raise funds, which are never enough. Asante sana to Antonio and the owners of the Cafè.


June 2019

Antonio and Roberto Boemio’s event at the Golden Pot in Cardito

In the setting of a real Irish Pub with the succulent dishes prepared by Roberto and the excellent host Antonio, accompanied by the Fankiando and Peppe Rienzo’s music, we spent a pleasant convivial evening, to raise funds to continue the work at Dispensary. Asanteni sana ndugu.

September 2018

Special birthday for Carmine Colella 

Thanks to the generosity of our friend Carmine, who donated all his birthday gifts, making a large donation to Yetu, we have been able to carry out the most demanding projects, such as the electrical connection to the Dispensary and the construction of the enclosure. Asante sana baba.


Easter 2017 

with the school children of Teresa di Palma  

Delighted to have shared 2 hours with our little friends, who reached the end of their primary school course (V E of the I.C. Padre Ludovico da Casoria). Thanks to the volcanic Teresa, we have shared many moments together with these little ones since the very beginning of the establishment of the Association. We hope that one day some of them will want to see this reality live. At the end, our little friends thanked us with a cake and a beautiful poem composed by them. Asanteni sana watoto.


October, 16 2016

Japanes restaurant for Yetu Africa

In the elegant Zen garden, a special aperitif, dedicated to good sushi to support our projects.

Thanks, Asante sana, Arigatò to the friends of Giappo Makote from Pomigliano d’Arco.

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-06 at

January, 2016

Microcredits Projects

We have organized with some friends who live in Pemba the sending of typical handicraft items (Kanga, Tinga Tinga, ebony figurines) as well as the sale of some gadgets (T-shirts, pens, magnets), that allowed us to support these young people by helping them to start commercial activities with small shops on site.

Ristorante Antaeus

December 18, 2015

Christmas to Anteus

Ventidue In the amazing location of Pozzuoli two dear friends, Mario and Antonella hosted us in their restaurant, in an intimate and elegant place facing the sea of Baia, named as the known giant, son of Poseidon. A perfect location to wish to all our friends who support our projects a merry Christmas. Astonished by the Neapolitan traditional cuisine, enchanted by our President to the sound of music, we all spent a magic and romantic night. Yetu Africa has grown up thanks to the sensitivity and infinite generosity of our friends that allow us to realize small things, but to us they are gigantic.

Natale con i bambini

December 17, 2015

Christmas with children of IV E classroom

Ventidue Twenty two Angels of the 5° Istituto Comprensivo, named Padre Ludovico da Casoria (IV E classroom), leaded by our friend Teresa di Palma organized a fund raising for our Association. A beautiful day, full of joy that only children are able to spread. Thanks to Teresa, which is always sensitive to altruism, has sown a seed in the hearts of these little children. All their questions and the Christmas poems, especially the one dedicated to children of Chokocho, have given us a joy and incredible strength.

Nello Ingenito

October 17, 2015

Together to give a smile

Grazie Due to the high awareness and cultural and scientific value of our friend Nello Ingenito, professor of pediatric dentistry at the University Federico II of Naples, over 200 dentists, not only from Campania came together for a refresher course in dental trauma. The whole registration fee has been donated to Yetu Africa for the realization of a medical-surgical, and in the future also dental, in Chokocho village. In March 2015 Nello was with us and saw with his eyes how poor was health care, especially for children and adolescents. He got shocked. As soon as he came back, he launched himself into the project with enthusiasm and its success has gone beyond expectations. It stunned us all.

serata Yetu Africa presso Nemea Energy Village

July 16, 2015

A charity event in support of Africa to Nemea

In the charming garden of the large multi-purpose structure of the first Energy Village of Campania, Thursday, July 16 at 20.00, the "Nemea Energy Village" of Cardito held a charity event dedicated to food tasting and good music.

The experience of well-being offered by Nemea Energy Village is intertwined with the need for redemption of the people who are struggling to build their own future: the proceeds from the evening to support projects carried out by the voluntary association "YetuAfrica" for Chokocho fishing village south of the island of Pemba. A place where people live in unpleasant and inhumane, in dilapidated huts and sanitation very serious deficiencies.
In this regard, the need to build a dispensary that can serve as first aid and general medical practice for the free distribution of medicines.

The purpose beneficial joins a playful moment. Whoever receives the invitation will have the pleasure to enjoy special recipes for slow food and enjoy the musical talents of two exceptional groups "DualDuo" and "The Swing Tree".

Take care of your well-being also means taking care of those who are in trouble!

by Roberta Formisano - "il Giornale di Casoria" - July 15, 2015

il vigneto d'oro

June 17, 2015

Art and passion in the dough...

Rosario Arprea's pizza is made by a mixture of these ingredients and some more: an artisan with a long career turning good things in love. His unique dough rises slowly as the old recipes says and as the only possible way to prepare a healthy, delicious and sublime pizza; without excluding It's authentic specialty,  The "Saltimbocca", of which he is the inventor, and the "Grisoni".

A lot of similarities between Rosario and Yetu Africa (one of them is being In love with Africa), which got them closer to each other and made them share some views and some passions, as result, they decided to organize an exclusive party to support CHOKOCHO's village's projects which took place in a Pizzeria/Ristorante named 'al Vigneto D'Oro' in Naples, where Rosario delighted 100 participants with delicious gastronomic meals made with tradition and quality.

cena Yetu Africa presso ristorante La Genuina

May 8, 2015

Dinner at the "La Genuina" restaurant

With more than 200 people, the aim of the dinner that took place at the 'La Genuina' restaurant situated in Cardito (NA) has been successfully accomplished: funds for the construction of the dispensary have been raised especially thanks to the kind collaboration of the owner of the restaurant and our friend Gaetano.

articolo "corriere sociale" (inserto "corriere della sera")

March 2015

An article written by Giangiacomo Schiavi and Olga Fernandes and published by the 'Corriere Sociale', an insert of a famous newspaper named 'Corriere della Sera'

A lovely article  about the Neapolitan voluntary work in Africa in which the two journalist write about the association of YETU Africa and their projects.

Carnevale con Yetu Africa a Villa Volpicelli

February 21, 2015

Carnival at "Villa Volpicelli"

More than 150 people have been actively involved with enthusiasm in the African carnival party that took place at Villa Volpicelli, in Naples, thanks to the kind cooperation of a true friend: Sergio Marandola.


chez gustave con yetu africa

November 2014

Meeting Naples - Pemba

With an evening of contamination Naples-Africa, we opened our wine and food evenings, thanks to the exquisite collaboration of the Association Chez Gustav of our big friend Ivan, which has hosted the Lounge Bar Glamour of Cardito (NA).

DualDuo in concerto

November 29, 2014

"DualDuo" concert

In no better way the association 'Yetu Africa' could have been presented: a concert of the Dual Duo group has took place in the S. Anna's theater in Afragola (NA) where our president played the guitar and he musician Mauro Caturano played the clarinet enchanting more than 100 guests with the music of Astor Piazzolla.

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