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Yetu Africa, which means ‘Our Africa’ in Swhaili, is born by an initiative of a group of people, already been active volunteers for several years in this sector, to respond to the needs of those who live in developing countries and do not always have a chance to build their future.
In a globalized world where ideals have been replaced by people’s self-interests, we believe it is important to give an opportunity to everybody to be part of the construction for a better future for the following generations.



Maria Giovanna Siciliano Iengo. Musician, teacher.
After several years following her husband Gaetano Cimmino (engaged since 2007 as a volunteer doctor in Africa) Maria Giovanna began in 2014 at Pemba, Tanzania, her voluntary adventure actively on the field, establishing a great feeling with local children through music.
She contributed in person with concerts to raise funds for Mbweni in Tanzania – first of all the construction of a maternity ward with a delivery room -. Among the various projects to be carried out, she will be in charge of a music school (not yet existing in Tanzania) free and open to everybody.

Luca Maria Bozzini. Dentist.
Since 2001, he started  to visit  East-Africa as a traveler and he was attracted by its beauty. In particular, since 2010, he feels at home when he goes to Pemba, island of Zanzibar Archipelago, where he has created a tourist activity, working immediately with local people and employing a lot of them. Besides, his actual role is to develop schools of Chokocho village, financing the purchase of desks and furnishings. As well as to form (as great sportsman), a local football team. Then, in 2014, Gaetano Cimmino involved him in the creation of the "Yetu Africa" volunteer Association, with the intention to build immediately  a dispensary and to enhance projects of local micro credit which were already started.

Gaetano Cimmino. Doctor, specialist in General surgery
Since 2007, he began volunteering at the Health Center of Mbweni, making hundreds of surgical procedures.
Dr. Bonge (so affectionately called by locals), from 2014, by the encounter with Luca  Bozzini, had the idea of creating an Association different from the others, without charge for administrative structures, whose members are personally committed in site: thus the project “Yetu Africa”.
Between August 2014 and February 2015, outpatient activities and of minor surgery started, together with the construction of the dispensary.


On Christmas 2015, the human resources responsible of Italia Swiss University, Christiane Schroeder, during her holiday in Pemba, discovers the village of Chokocho. Falling in love for the place and being astonished by Yetu Africa projects she decides to came back after 2 months as a volunteer. Later, when she returns to her hometown, she decides to fund Yetu Africa Ticino, that aims to support completely the Association. From January 2020 our collaboration with YA Ticino ends. We are grateful for the work carried out by Christiane and the many Swiss-Italian citizens who have contributed to carrying out important projects

Christiane Schroeder
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